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The Gi Jiu Jitsu DOGUERA "Arte Suave Brasileira" "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" in Portuguese, reveal the deep attachment and passion of this martial art. In addition to a wonderful research work on the identity of the brand, logos and inscriptions are intricately embroidered. By design the GI's are part DOGUERA gi to possess.



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Full Specs:


  • 450 Gsm Pearle weave jacket (ideal compromise for training and competition every month of the year)


  • The neck is made of EVA foam fast drying antibacterial, coated canvas top quality, you ensure strength and durability.  


  • 100% cotton pants 10.5 oz (6 loops of cord for a perfect fit around the waist, thick round cord for comfort)


  • The beautiful design of Anubis Arte Suave Brasileira is adorned with embroidery quality, "animal is reproduced faithfully on both shoulders.


  • A fully embroidered 30cm ² patch comes in the package, you are free to sew it back.Beautiful embroidery brand DOGUERA chest and Arte Suave Brasileira on the bottom of the jacket.
  • Woven patch on the trousers and labels. Reinforcements and triple stitching in strategic locations that reinforce the strength of the Gi. 



Height | Weight LBS | Size

5'3"-5'7" | 110-150 | A-1

5'6-5'9" | 150-165 | A-1L

5'6"-5'11"| 165-190 | A-2

5'11"-6'3"| 165-195 | A-2L

5'11"-6'2"| 190-225 | A-3

6'2"-6'4" | 195-230 | A-3L

6'0"-6'4" | 225-245 | A-4

6'2"-6'7"| 245-270 | A-5